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MODEL 7038 System, Micro Term7038 Micro Term

The 7038 is fully automatic chip termination and drying system which is optimized for small chip components. The 7035 is modified into the 7038 for 0201 chip size.  Chips are placed into the bulk feeder, then loaded and inserted into the patented Soft Grip Belt.

The first side is terminated and dried, then transferred to the other side of the Soft Grip Belt, where the second side is terminated and dried, Chips are then ejected into a container and ready for termination firing. Dipping programs are menu driven and can be quickly selected by the operator.

The 7038 Termination System includes:

  • Past temperature controls offers improved process control
  • Vacuum assisted finished chip eject
  • Two stages loading extends tooling life
  • Cleaner termination through system that automatically separates debris from termination paste
  • Automatic Termination & Drying
  • System with Paste Temperature Control
  • Soft handling of parts with Debris
  • Separation and Precision Dipping
  • Small footprint, Low tooling cost & Microprocessor controlled
  • 7035 modified for 0201 chip size
  • Chip Loading Smart Press

Throughput* (dip only):
0201 (0603) 120K Chips per hour
(dip only – will vary slightly depending on paste rheology)
80K chips per hour with pre-dip leveling (will vary slightly depending on paste rheology)

Physical Dimensions:
Length: 75 inches (190.5.5cm)
Width: 27 inches ( 69.0cm)
Height: 48 inches (121.9cm)

Net Weight (Base Machine):
Approximately 1,260 lb. (572 kg)


240v, 50-60 Hz, 3 phase, 5.5 kW standard, other voltages as required by customer

Compressed Air:
Dry, oil free
70 psi (5kg/sq. m)
0.5 cfn (0.14 cu. m/min)

Paste Temperature Control:
+/- 1°C

Bulk Loader Capacity:
75 cu. in. (1,229 cu. cm.)

Tooling Required:
For one chip size/thickness, one load wheel, one soft grip belt* & three pin assemblies

Drying Ovens:
Temperature Range: Ambient  to 400°F (204°C)
Length: 32 in. (81.3 cm)
Zones Per Oven: Two
Ovens Per Machine: Two
(upper and lower)
Solvent Exhaust: Continuous

Positional Accuracy of Doctor Blade:
+/- 0.0005 in. (12.5 microns)