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MODEL 7074 Array Termination

7074 Replacement (1)

Model 7074 features the advantages of the 753 and 752B in one machine.

  • Improved bandwidth accuracy and registration
  • Incorporation of the diamond belt for no-touch termination and includes the 75X slotted belts with mechanical positioning hardware
  • Offers robust solution for smaller case sizes: such as 0504 and 0603 arrays
  • ESI 752B and 753 upgrades boost systems yield and enhanced termination quality for all chip sizes
  • Diamond belt avoids stripe damage by eliminating contact with paste stripes at ejection stage
  • Compatible tooling with existing ESI 75X system family
  • Diamond Belt life increased com-pared to existing dog-bone & standard belt designs
  • Incorporates a new eject assembly that is synchronized to the belt index speed avoiding misalignment and chip damage when the part is ejected
  • New camera mount, provides unlimited position view of termination and wrap around
  • Large removable drip trays
  • Paste Wheel handling station

Diamond Belt

  • Holds the chip on the edges in a diamond shaped hole, rather than on the sides
  • Eliminates the need for mechanical positioning wheels
  • Reduces any tendency to smear or damage termination pads
  • 4X improvement in termination stripe placement accuracy (+/- 0.0005″ for the diamond belt vs. +/- 0.002″ for a slotted belt)
  • Any slotted belt can be replaced with a diamond belt superior performance, similar cost and useful life
  • Chips are loaded into precise self-centering belt openings resulting in higher stripe placement accuracy side or end-load
  • Reduces cost, replaceable wear ring instead of the complete chip retainer
  • Increases life, new air curtain option reduces friction of chips on wear ring
  • Chips loaded in the wrong orientation are blown away for reloading, can improve loading efficiency

Maximum Throughput:
Up to 75,000 part per hour

Drying Oven:
Temperature Max 175o C
Drying time≈2 minutes per side at 50,000 pph throughput

Paste Temperature Control:
15 C to 35 C± 1o C

Soft Grip Diamond Belt
Load Plate
Two Paste Wheels

Physical Dimensions:
Height: 78.5″ (190 cm)
Width: 83″ (211 cm)
Depth: 33″ (84 cm)
Floor Space: 19 ft. 2 (1.8m2)

Facilities Requirement:
Power: 220 V. 3 phase, 50 – 60Hz,
11 kW (other options available
Air: 70 psi, 0.5 cfn clean, dry air

* China patent #ZL97193536.X
* Korea patent #308517
* Japan patent #3167338
* US patent #5863332, 5226382