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7074 Upgrade

MODEL 7074 Array Termination

7074 Replacement (1)

This 7074 is a BDD exclusive Termination System combining the features of the ESI 752B and 753 plus new features and options such as:

1.) Wide removable drip trays.

707 Up 1

2.) Lower removable catch trays, under Loader and Eject area.

707 Up 2

3.) Paste wheel handling station and paste wheel gripping handles. (No more paste on operator fingers)


707 Up 3

4.) Synchronized eject system for all belt types.

707 Up 4

5.) Smaller chip eject drop distance. Was 8″ (203mm) now~4″ (100mm).

707 Up 5

6.)Multiple eject wheel selections, Metal, Nylon and Special cut tooth, for any belt type.

707 Up 6

7.) Color Cameras with large 27 inch Display Monitor.

707 Up 7

707 Up 8

8.) Stripe and position alarms with new Camera System. Powerful new feature. Monitors the stripes and wrap for changes, like out of paste, worn paste wheel, broken doctor blade, and many other termination failures.

Wide array of inspection tools .

9.) A wide array of inspection tools to provide solutions to on-site problems.
These tools enable users to select the optimum inspection method for many different image processing tasks.
In addition, the inspection modes let users set multiple inspection windows, enabling multiple simultaneous inspections for a single trigger input.

707 Up 9

10.) 27 Inch Monitor on a swing arm for easy viewing. (Ability to adjust monitor to make viewing comfortable for the operator) Great for alignment viewing. (Was small 8 inch and fixed position).

707 Up 10707 Up 11

11.) New supports, no more shield breakage.

Selected: Single wheel termination station or packing wheel design, termination stations. Some paste is hard to load into the paste wheel slots so the packing wheel is used to force paste into the slots.

NOTE: BDD offers a paste tray option that includes the packing of the paste.
No need for packing wheels.

707 Up 12707 Up 13

12.) Multiple position Camera arms.

707 Up 14707 Up 15

13.) With the 7074 from BDD, the customer can use any belt they desire. Use Diamond belt (ESI 753) with the high accuracy positioning and no mechanical positioning, or the slotted type belts (ESI 752B) with the mechanical positioning and chip tilt for end termination stripes.

14.) BDD offers, a add-on “End-Loader Kit”: Allows loading of the chip into the Diamond Belt so the short end of the chip are exposed to the Paste Wheel for end band or end stripes.

15.) BDD offers, Special Paste Wheels for Long Side and End Band Termination have been developed and are available.

BDD continues to advance the Termination Systems business and development of low cost tooling to help the end user decrease cost.