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CST Integrated Driver Assembly (IDM)

CST Integrated Driver Assembly (IDM)

The Model 703x, 7035HD, 7038HD systems (ESI 32x and 33x) uses a Driver Module to drive stepper motors in the system. This assembly is now obsolete. The manufacturer stopped making the module without a replacement and without notice.

*** Single Axis Driver Module p/n 750003 (C41000027) shown
*** Two Axis Driver Module p/n 750003-2 (C41000029)
*** Three Axis Driver Module p/n 750003-3 (C41000028)

This module is No-Longer-Available (STMicro stopped making this type of driver module). There is no replacement module available. Use CST new 100% compatible driver boards. 

BDD_spare parts1


CST has designed a Integrated Driver Module Assembly (IDM) as a 100% compatible replacement. Testing confirms this integrated driver module has exceeded the specification and life time of the old driver module. The open frame and large heat sinks allows for better cooling inside the hot machine environment without additional fan cooling.
A new feature from CST. CST offers repair of the new IDM assembly for 1/2 the cost of a new assembly. A benefit to the customer never offered previously.

Boards are in use at many user locations, proving high reliability low heat board assemblies.
p/n 750807, One Axis IDM Driver Assembly, (integrated driver) (replaces C41000027, CST 750003) 100% compatible
p/n 750808, Two Axis IDM Driver Assembly, (integrated driver) (replaces C41000029, CST 750003-2) 100% compatible
p/n 750809, Three Axis IDM Driver Assembly, (integrated driver) (replaces C41000028, CST 750003-3) 100% compatible.




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