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Chip Termination


Since 2008  Chip Star Technology, LLC ( Formerly BDD Assembly, LLC) has been growing steadily in the Chip Termination Market as an independent innovator for Chip Termination systems.

In order to meet market demand, to support older manufacturing equipment, Chip Star Technology, LLC has introduced a number of innovations and Upgrades for existing Termination Systems that increases productivity and lengthen usable life of the systems.

CST provides services to refurbish, upgrade and overhaul older but still usable Termination systems and bring them to full operational state, saving the customer the added expense of purchasing new systems. Our support is geared around the desire to make the very expensive systems owned by our customers work longer and offer our customers a better return on their investments. Many years in the manufacturing equipment business give us a unique ability to help our customers. The CST Research & Development Department is at the advance stages of developing new innovations for existing systems that breath new life into old equipment assets. Check out our full web site of all the offerings or if you have a need we have a solution.