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Contract Manufacturing


Chip Star Technology is establishing itself as the market leader in providing high quality, and customized assembly services to local area companies, as well as the balance of the United States. Bring home your off-shore head aches and let us help you be more successful.

The Company believes that it should never fail to promptly deliver all products with the highest quality, one time, to its customers, by constantly creating new affiliate relationships, by creating relationships with local area businesses, and to provide a cost effective way to decrease or eliminate the use of offshore services.

Chip Star Technology is providing contract-manufacturing services. Any process that a company wishes to move off site for reasons of space, capacity, capability or cost is a candidate for Chip Star Technology’s contract manufacturing services at highly competitive rates. In addition, to contract assembly, we offer an extensive range of services such as parts inspection, rework, packaging & shipping, research for replacement of obsolete components, sub-contracting assembly, cable assembly, and machined parts.