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Design Engineering

Design Engineering

The Design Engineering Department at Chip Star Technology plays a major roll in CST’s Research and Development efforts to advance and improve the Chip Termination process.




It also provides a wide variety of design services to the Contract Manufacturing and Machine Shop departments. Our team of engineers will assist with the design of a brand new product from the initial concept stage all the way to the prototype and commercialization phases of its development. If faced with an existing part or product our team will support you with upgrading or total refurbishing project for better efficiency and modernization. Our engineering department has experience developing new products from project specifications; fixtures to improve the manufacturing of components; and product upgrades / refinements for existing products.



– Design for manufacturability

– Fixtures

– Prototyping

– Thermal management

– Software upgrade

– Hardware Upgrade


Chip Star Technology Design Engineering Department –

Part of CST “one stop shop” concept of excellence and smart spending!