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Machine Shop Quality & Compliance

Quality & Compliance

Chip Star Technology, LLC believes that proactive approach toward conserving and enhancing our environment benefits everyone and that accidents are preventable.  We are committed to providing the education and opportunity for all employees to participate in the continuous improvement  of our environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Management System.

CST has the Quality Assurance systems to meet your most demanding requirements. We understand that quality is driven by a lot more than just inspecting parts, and overall Customer Satisfaction is our goal. Specific yearly goals provide the basis for continuous improvement across all CST operations and reflect the goals of our Customers.

1. Work Safely

2. Work Smart

3. Conserve Resources

4. Manufacturing & Quality Control

5. Reducing waste & Inventory overhead

6. Higher yield & improving/ updating quality of our Termination Systems

7. CST investing in production technology & workforce training.

Chip Star Technology is the “ultimate in lean manufacturing” because it allows your enterprise to increase its production efficiency by moving the manufacture of components and subassemblies to CST. The core-competencies, is to provide flexible, agile, and reliable manufacturing services. Also to produce quality products that add value to customer’s bottom line.

CST has manufacturing partners offshore. Off-shore manufacturing presents an obvious and attractive benefit to manufacturers. These partners manufacture individual parts and complete products for CST and our customers. CST can assist your company in locating experts in your desired specialty. We are able to assist you in deciding whether your product is right for offshore production.

CST is committed to providing excellence in support by building strong business partnerships with our customers. Our customers can easily communicate with and entrust your enterprise’s proprietary processes or intellectual capital is a critical component of a successful program. CST’s total solution support programs provide one-on-one customer care from our highly trained service engineers. Providing key in-depth knowledge and best practice operation and maintenance, we are committed to maintaining support levels that achieve maximum uptime and performance.