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All 707X Array Systems listing

7074 Array Termination System (752B and 753 combination)

7074 Array

Includes the best features of all previous 75X models plus numerous additional improvements

7075 Array Termination System (end-loader system for end stripes)

7075 Array

All the new 7074 features plus the end loader for combination side and end termination

Product Line History

750 – Original array termination machine

751 – 0508 and larger chips

752 – 0603 and smaller (larger chip retainer and load wheels)

752B – Combined for all chip sizes, hi-temp pre-heater, packing paste wheel options

753 – Diamond belt, 0204 chips

707X System Enhancements and Details (made to any 75x system)

  • Complete system tear down, Clean, and rebuild
  • All bearings refurbished or replaced
  • Repair/Replace faulty wiring
  • Repair/Replace damaged hardware
  • Perform complete system test and verification
  • Electrical components operating within original system specifications

New Innovations to improve usage of 707X systems

  • Chip End-loader for 7074 chip end striping, system labeled 7075
  • Replaceable wear bar for the Chip Retainer
  • Paste wheel handling box and knobs
  • Stability enhancements to stabilize movement
  • Camera arms for better use of vision system with 27 inch display.
  • Oven fan assembly improvements
  • Oven overhaul eliminating hot or cold spots
  • Upgrades for all old systems to 7074 includes all belt style usage including Diamond Belt

Other options and features offered by CST can also be added to improve Quality, Termination Reliability, and system life.