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What’s New

Innovation & Developments by CST

  • 7035HD – Bring new life to the old 325 system and up to 4 times output in same footprint as 325
  • 7038HD – 0201 chip dipping is the best in controlling systems.
  • New single side chamfer load plate designs
  • Stamped metal chip retainers at low cost
    (3xx type systems)
  • 7074 – New chip retainer with air ware ring – lower costs by increasing the useful life of the retainer and Load Plate. Also, offered is the ware bar with air curtain.
  • 7075 – End loader enables end or side termination on the same system, one hour conversion
  • Diamond belts – can replace all slotted belts, enables 4X improvement in termination stripe location = +/-0.002″ for slotted belts vs. +/- 0.0005″ for diamond belts.
  • Molded paste wheel – lower cost, better useful life
  • 3400 series of Test Systems added to the company for support, upgrade, and improvements
  • 16 and 24 Axis new design nearing completion to support the 3xx systems
  • New design for automatic loading of Carrier Plates on the 2001 with front load to rear unloading. Helps operators from dropping plates onto the pasted platen
  • Streak detection added to 2001 doctoring of paste
  • 3001 Test System added to the company for support, upgrades and improvements.
  • New low cost Vision system added to 3xx series without need for external lighting.
  • Chip blow-off on 3400 systems replaced with chip tilt up unit improving test efficiency from 70% avg. to over 98%